Some frequently and some not so frequently asked questions.

1 How do we reserve the date with you?

2 How far in advance should we book?

3 What happens after we book?

4 How long are you there on the wedding day?

5 What happens after the wedding?

6 When do you arrive on the wedding day?

7 How long do I have to wait to see images?

8 Do we get the digital negatives?

9 How many images make a good album?

10 How do we get our album?

11 Is there an extra charge for editing?

12 Why two photographers?

13 I like natural pictures. Why do my pictures need to be edited?

14 Should we feed the photografers?

15 We live far away, would you still shoot our wedding?

16 Do you also do film?

17 Are hotel and travel costs extra?

18 Can you take pictures in the car/carridge on the way to the ceremony?

19 What are the other album options?

20 Can our friends and family order from the online gallery?

21 What happens if we need to cancel?

22 What make up and glasses should I wear?

23 How should I plan my wedding?

24 Can't a friend take my wedding pictures?

25 What gear do you use?

26 Why is wedding photography so expensive?

27 What about group pictures?

28 Can't I just have all the images?

29 Can we get a reference from a couple whose wedding you shot?

Wie lange vorher müssen wir buchen?

Well, you know the answer, the earlier the better. If you want to secure us for your wedding. Its not because every Saturday is book a year in advance but here are some Saturdays even Fridays that we could book four or five times a year in advance and other days that sit open until the last minute.

Wie reservieren wir unseren Termin?

Firstly get in touch with us to see if your date is free, we can note you date in our calender but it is only when we have a signed contract and a deposit that your date is concretely booked with us.

Können wir direkt mit den Brautpaaren kommunizieren, die Kommentare auf Ihrer Empfehlungsseite hinterlassen haben?

Sure, let us know if you would like to do that and we will ask one of our couples to get in touch with you.

Was passiert nach der Buchung?

There is already a good chance you have met with us to sign your contract. Once you have booked with us we will make another date probably a few weeks before the wedding to meet again and discuss the timetable of events and other last minute details.

Wir leben ziemlich weit weg!

We photograph weddings here in Germany and internationally, the furthest we have traveled for a wedding is Australia. The majority of the weddings we photograph are in cities such as Hannover, Braunschweig, Kassel, Wolfsburg, Wolfenbuettel, Goettingen, Hildesheim and the countless surrounding villages. Most are within a 3 hour radius from our studio in Ballenstedt. If you do live further away we will try to meet with you in person, it is sometimes possible to meet on a Sunday afternoon with kids in tow if you are not able to make it to our studio during office hours. Otherwise there is always Skype.

Stellen Sie auch einen Filmservice bereit?

Nope. ... In our view that is another profession. We stick to our passion.

Sollen wir unsere Fotografen bewirten?

For sure, some weddings go from 8 in the morning to midnight. Even if yours doesn't we need sustenance every 3-4 hours. As you will see it is a fairly physical as well as mental profession. It is best if you treat us as guests, we don't really take many images of people eating so its best if we eat at the same time so we are ready to start shooting when the next stage of the day starts.

Berechnen Sie Hotel- und Reisekosten extra?

If the wedding starts early , that is before 9am and is within an hours drive from our studio, or 10am and is within 2 hours drive from our studio, we need accomodatio the night before. If the wedding ends late - 11pm within one hour of the studio or 10pm with in 2 hours of the studio we will need overnight accomodation after the wedding. Anything over 2 hour drive requires accomodation - you dont want us tired from driving before we start shooting your wedding!

Zu welcher Zeit werden Sie am Tag der Hochzeit anreisen?

We arrive when you want us to. We discuss this during our meeting. The latest we arrive is 30 mins before the ceremony.

Können Sie uns auf der Fahrt im Auto / in der Kutsche zur Kirche / zum Standesamt fotografieren?

Of course, you just need to organise it that there is a seat available, and that there is space for any gear we need to bring, especially if we are not going back before the reception.

Wie sieht es mit Gruppenfotos aus?

Group photos are maybe not the most romantic, but we still try and make them creative. They might however turn out to be the valued heirloom pictures that future generations cherish rather than the one of you jumping of the back of a yacht in your wedding dress, or not. It is good if you make a list of the different group combos that you would like and give the task of organizing the groups to a bridesmaid or groomsman that knows who the people are.... as we won't! know who great aunty Margret is!

Wie lange werden Sie an unserem Hochzeitstag bleiben?

That depends on how long you book us for, our All-Day coverage includes 10 hours of coverage, every additional hour is charged at 60€. We can normally be flexible on the day if you spontaneously want us to stay longer, however that is a bit dependent on the babysitter, you better send some wedding cake home for her.

Wie ist der Ablauf nach dem Hochzeitstag?

You live happily ever after......and we sort through the thousands of pictures we took on the day and select firstly the ones for your thank-you cards, these then get sent off to you. We then continue sorting for the pictures for you wedding album. Once we have selected these and designed the album we send you a pdf proof of the album for you to approve. Once we have made any changes you require and you have approved the final layout you should receive your album about a week later.

Wie lange werde ich auf meine Fotos warten müssen?

We try upload a small Facebook gallery for you to share with friends within a week and you should receive the thank-you cards roughly after one week. Selecting for the album is a long process, we work through weddings in the order that they were shot, so it is a bit dependent if you were the first wedding of the season or the last but we hope to get the album to you in around 4-6 weeks.

Werden wir die Digitale Negative bekommen?

You receive a DVD of a stick with the digital data for the images that have been editied for the wedding album and thankyou cards. If it is included in you package you also receive all the optimized* data for the other images on DVD (* color, exposure adjustment etc but not fully edited.)

Can I not just have to other pictures you took? We have been asked this one... my reply was something like , most nights a hotel has rooms that haven't been booked and will be empty however I don't think anyone would try to get a free room for the night in a hotel using the argument that they are not being used. As you will see shooting a wedding is intense work and doing it well requires years accumulated skill and experience , there is also the sorting archiving editing which takes way longer than the wedding itself , we hope that this work and experience will be valued by our couples.

Wie viele Fotos ergeben ein gutes Album?

We iclude around 100 images as we feel this is enough to show the story of your day without the person you are showing starting to think is this ever going to end. If you think this won't work for you we recommend two albums, a Story-Book album with hundreds of images and a Highlights Album with 30-40 images on super thick pages.

Wie erhalten wir unser Album?

We normally have the album delivered directly to you but you could also come to the studio to pick it up.

Welche anderen Möglichkeiten der Präsentation gibt es?

Included in our All-Day coverage is a German made 36 sided 42x28 album. You can get parent copies 19 x 28cm for 95€. There are also cover options such as cream leatherette, presentation boxes. You can also order canvas prints with us. Drop us a line and we will send you our complete price list.

Können unsere Freunde und Familien über unsere Online Galerie bestellen?

Absolutely, just give the password to your friends and family. you are in control.

Was geschieht, wenn wir unsere Hochzeit absagen?

If you just want to just move your date and it is available you don't need to cancel we will move it for free. If you do need to cancel, cancellations before 3 months or longer of your wedding we retain the deposit , however to be fair if we get another booking on your date we also return your deposit. If you cancel between 3 and 2 months bofore the wedding 75% is payable and within 1 month 100% is due. We do recommend 'wedding insurance' .

Welches Make Up und was für Brillengläser sollte ich tragen?

If you have a professional make up artist they should know what they are doing. It is a good idea to do a trial run. If they are not using powder make up then you should run. Cream makeup will make your face shiny for photos which is not a good look. Glasses or no glasses, if you sometimes wear contacts then we would recommend that for you wedding. If you do use glasses there will be reflections, we can not use polarizing filters on every shot as it takes time to adjust them to the situation and things happen quickly at weddings. We would also recommend light frames as people will look at you first, with heavy frames especially in the future when they have gone out of fashion people will notice the glasses first.

Wie sollte ich meine Hochzeit planen?

The better planned your wedding the more relaxed it will be on the day. That's what Bridesmaids and Grooms men are there for, pass on as much responsibility to them as possible, so that when there are questions they are in a position to do something with out stressing you. Give us your program so that we know whats going on and tell us who in the bridal party is in charge when we have questions. If the means are there consider a wedding planner.

Kann nicht ein Freund, der eine Kamera hat, es genauso gut machen?

Hmmm.... if your friend had a sewing machine would you let them make your wedding dress? Everyone has an oven, couldn't then anyone make the wedding cake? After the day is over the images we took will be your best reminder of the moments you experienced, taking pictures is easy capturing moments takes skill and experience.

Warum kostet ein Hochzeits-Foto-Shooting so viel wie es kostet?

Making great images takes skill practice the right equipment experience and passion. The wedding day is the highlight but for us is the peak of the iceberg. For us the majority of our time is taken up after the wedding. Every wedding produces over a weeks work for us and includes the initial contact, emails , the getting to know session, emails, the shoot, emails, the sorting, emails, archiving, emails, facebook, emails, cards, emails, album, emails and some more emails..... it helps if we can email in English let us know.

Welche Ausrüstung verwenden Sie?

We use full frame canon 5d currently mk III moving onto mk IV. We are constantly investing in new gear to be able to push our images to the next level, especially in-terms of focus speed and light level, this is particularly crucial for church ceremonies and the reception / partly images where light is scarce.

We shoot everything in RAW and edit using Lightroom , Photoshop and a bunch of specialized software.

Wozu gleich zwei Fotografen?

Two men can carry a piano but one man cant carry half a piano, er not sure if that fits exactly. To start with we can be in two places at the same time. Lynne can be shooting the getting ready of the bride while I can be shooting the groom, which does not take so long but is also the time when I get the best guys images, with fathers grooms men and normally beer.

It enables one of us to travel with the bride and the other to be wating at the church. One of us is then at the front while the other is doing panoramic shots of the whole church.

For the portrait session we can do way more creative stuff with light, one of us will be shooting while the other is running around setting up lights. For the reportage, we then capture two perspectves in two different style. Again in the evenign for the party shots we can be again more creative to get those corker images.

Ich mag natürliche Bilder. Warum ist so viel digitale Bearbeitung für meine Hochzeitsfotos nötig?

Profesional photos were always edited, with film they were edited in a darkroom, with digital we now edit in Lightroom. Editing is part of the creative process to give the images the emotion we experienced while making them. Have a look at some classic darkroom editing

Gibt es eine extra Gebühr für die Nachbearbeitung?

The editing for the picture that come in your album is included. Although it is very rarely requested, what is not included is photo manipulation such as taking someones head out our putting someone elses in. This can be very time consuming and we charge 30euros an hour for manipulation requests.

Kann ich die Kopie eines unbearbeiteten Fotos erhalten, das ich nicht für das Album gewählt habe?

You will receive the edited copies, upon request you can also have the unedited data.